September 9, 2011

The Going Public Inaugural Post!

Coming Awake, by D. H. Lawrence
Read by Xe Sands

Ever since my Lawrence seminar (a lifetime ago), he has held me a bit captive (I suppose puns could be intended). One thing that I notice is that those unfamiliar with Lawrence save for Lady Chatterley’s Lover often assume that all his work is similar. While his underlying angst and connection to the messiness that is the human condition is a constant theme, the sexual content isn’t always present, except in that vein – that the sexual is an integral part of that human condition.

Some of his work that I enjoy most is actually his poetry. So today, in celebration of the first Going Public posting, I opted for one of his poems. I chose one I hadn’t previously discovered, but that reached right into me when I read it. So, without further ado, here it is!

PS – for those looking for works in the public domain, you really can’t do better than Project Gutenberg:

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