September 23, 2011

The love of a poet and the ravages of cancer…

Wasting, by duncan235 & 6’MinuteStory
Read by Xe Sands

Xe writes…

This week I discovered a phenomenal site: 6minutestory ( Each story must be written in six minutes, based on the writing prompt given (which can be a photo, a phrase, etc.). As I love snippets that manage to wound me with just a few lines, we were perfectly matched.

Stories are shared under various Creative Commons licenses. I chose one for today’s Going Public that allows full sharing with attribution and licensing in kind.

This particular piece deals with the very human struggle we face when someone we love is wasting away in front of us. It isn’t beautiful or noble. They aren’t beautiful or noble anymore. They even smell. Yet we stay because our love is still exactly what it always was – and we fight against our visceral reactions to stay, sometimes hating ourselves that it is a struggle at all.

Letter to Elizabeth, from Robert Browning
Read by Robert Jadah

From the Literature education podcast series “Acting It Out” developed and produced by Diane Havens and Robert Jadah. This is a clip from the Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning episode. Robert Jadah’s narration of Robert Browning’s first letter to Elizabeth Barrett.

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