Bear with me…it’s more than just a Christmas or New Year’s story…

The Little Match Girl, by Hans Christian Andersen
Read by Xe Sands

Xe writes…

This week, many of us in the US celebrate Thanksgiving. I was looking for a piece that embodied the spirit of gratitude and what called to me was…this – this truly tragic and beautiful bit of story I first heard as a young child. True, it is set at the New Year and is generally considered a Christmas tale. And yet this piece does speak to themes of gratitude and compassion, because just a small bit of either given to the girl in the story would have transformed her experience.

Been thinking about “thanksgiving.” It is really two words: THANKS and GIVING. We usually think of it in terms of giving thanks…but it can also be a reminder to both give thanks and to also simply GIVE.

So many of us are about to indulge in a wonderful feast of food and family. And perhaps the most appropriate way for us to show our gratitude for both is to turn outward for at least a brief moment, and give in another direction, even in some small way.


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