December 30, 2011

And to round out the end of 2011, we come full circle to Lawrence…with a little monstrosity and hysteria thrown in for good measure…

The Artilleryman (excerpted from The War of the Worlds), by H. G. Wells
Read by Peter Bishop

The Seven Seals, by D. H. Lawrence
Read by Xe Sands

Xe writes…

Been craving more Lawrence ever since revisiting Lady Chatterley’s Lover back in September for Banned Books Week. Felt like a good time to return to a bit of love and sensuality (with an edge of darkness – it IS Lawrence, after all).

And after all, kicked off the Going Public project with a poem by Lawrence…felt right to end the first year of the project with him as well.


Beowulf (Prologue)
Read by Robert Jadah

New year, Old English… The beauty of Beowulf, the oldest English epic poem drawn from Nordic folklore, deftly done by the Nordic English Robert Jadah. In Modern English.

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