April 13, 2012

Oh-So-Real-Me, by Lighty & Ficly.com

Read by Xe Sands

Xe writes…

A friend just turned me onto Ficly.com and I am smitten – SMITTEN I tell you! As I cruise into midlife, i find my attention span is, er, a bit shorter than in years past…you could almost say I’m as distractible as my ferrets. So microfiction is my version of nirvana, people.

Oh I love me some long books – truly I do! But there is something so tantalizing about these snippets. They can mean, well, anything you’d like them to mean. And for this piece in particular, I’m curious what it means to you, if you’d care to share.

And if you enjoy the story (read or written), consider commenting on the story’s page. Definitely props an author up a bit to get some feedback from their efforts.

Posted on Ficly.com: http://ficly.com/stories/29709


Sonnet 90, by William Shakespeare
Read by Diane Havens

Diane writes…

I often page through Shakespeare’s sonnets — I love finding a new lesser known favorite and this one is my latest. The romantic sentiment is a simple one — leave me now, and the rest of life’s troubles will pale in comparison.

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