May 4, 2012

Leonard Cohen doesn’t have the market cornered on this you know…

How The Light Gets In (from Little Birds), by Sarah Flynn & Little Fiction

Read by Xe Sands

Xe writes…

I’m telling you people, Twitter is a vast landscape of discovery! This week, a random retweet in my feed led me to this intriguing collection of microfiction from Sarah Flynn – Little Birds. Comprising three stories (of which this is #2), it’s a few pages packed with some thought-provoking pieces. I haven’t entirely decided what they mean, if they mean anything in particular. I just like the way they feel when the flow over me.

So, when I mentioned that I enjoyed them and wondered “aloud” on Twitter if the author would allow me to record any of them AND she said “Go for it!” well…here we are then 🙂

And seriously folks, if you aren’t reading the stuff that authors are offering via Little Fiction and other microfiction sites, you are missing out! Look, I have pretty much no attention span left (I blame motherhood and sleep dep)…these are MADE for us mid-lifers!

Published in 2012 by Little Fiction 
Copyright 2012 by Sarah Flynn; recorded with permission
Layout and design of cover by Troy Palmer

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