June 1, 2012

It’s a week for reminiscing it seems – for youth, for home…

…and then we’ve got a nifty little piece of original work to round us out.

In Defense of Homeby Rebecca K. O’Connor
Read by Xe Sands

Xe writes…

Used with permission from the author

Today is the first day of June is Audiobook Month (#JIAM) and while I was wracking my brain (which admittedly, is a bit scattered at the moment) for something special, something aMAZing to kick off JIAM, I happened upon this gorgeous and thoughtful piece by Rebecca K. O’Connor.

See, Rebecca’s writing gets to me. Even if I tried ot put up a shield against it (which I wouldn’t – because that would be directly against my self-interest), I would be unsuccessful. Because Rebecca’s writing slips in, under my skin. It’s raw and beautiful and her emotion is laid out for me to try on like a late summer dress I’m hoping will fit.

And whether she’s writing her upcoming novel, What We Lost When We Lost Barbara Jean

…or taking you through the highs and lows of life and falconry in Lift

…or just jotting down her thoughts on the nature of “home,” her writing moves me.

So the audiobook connection. Here’s the interesting bit: Rebecca and I found each other via Twitter, in a round-about way via Neil Gaiman, The Rumpus, and her musings on her experience recording the audiobook version of LIFT via the ACX audiobook production system. And when I read the excerpt from What We Lost When We Lost Barbara Jean, I just knew I would have to record it – it literally wasn’t going to let me rest until I did. Thankfully, Rebecca humored me and allowed me to give voice to the Prologue of this exceptional novel-in-the-making – which you can hear here: http://snd.sc/wCEj1M

So fast forward to today, when I read this amazing post from Rebecca on the nature of “home” and what it means and why it matters…and why, once a place truly shapes your life, you can never really leave it behind. I asked, she said “Yes!” and here is the audio version of that post.


A Memory of Youth, by W. B. Yeats
Read by Diane Havens

Diane writes…

I’ve been reading much of Yeats lately. Aloud. Such musicality in his words. And thinking often of my youth as well. So this poem today so very appropos.

Power Tripping, by Katy Shannon
Performed/Produced by Katy Shannon

Katy writes…

Sometimes when kids don’t get the love and attention they need—they create new ways of getting it. Phyllis Hutchens, a mother of two sons (Ross and Sam) tells a story about an odd mystery that began one night when she was in her dining room in Hayward, California. . .

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