Going Public JIAM Audiopalooza – June 25th!

That’s right, it’s the last week of June, folks…the last week of June Is Audiobook Month (JIAM)…which means it’s *finally* time for the…


Monday through Friday this week, I (Xe) will be posting a new Going Public piece. I’m also participating in Audiobook Week, so if you’re looking for those posts, please look for “Audiobook Week” in Recent Posts in the sidebar.

So without further ado…let the audiopalooza commence!

New Year’s Night and Mystery, by D. H. Lawrence – a poetry mash-up
Read by Robins Sachs and Xe Sands

(and if you cannot see the player above, please go directly to the SoundCloud page for “New Year’s Night / Mystery”)

Several weeks back, I decided to offer a fresh Going Public piece every day of Audiobook Week, in celebration of JIAM. But what to do? How could I present something a little “beyond” as part of the effort?

I threw this question to reviewer extraordinaire (and dear friend) Kelli of The Oddiophile, who immediately came back with the most wonderful idea: more dual narration – which she followed up with the idea of poetry pairings, with alternating narration.

And like THAT! the flame was lit, the call went out to the ever gracious and phenomenal Robin Sachs, and a plan was hatched.

Last August, Robin and I worked together on The Answers, by Stephen Dunn. Since then, I’ve been looking for just the right project for a second collaboration and was thrilled that he was willing to join me for this very special week of Going Public. But what to choose – what to CHOOSE? Well, that’s simple really, isn’t it? Sachs’s voice offers such depth, sensuality and power, and together…well…how could we not do Lawrence?

Oh David Herbert…such a love/hate/love relationship I have with you, just like, well, a lover I suppose – there is no middle, no even path with Lawrence. He inspires such heights and depths – rage, passion, disgust, longing. There is nothing that escapes his mark of sensuality and morbidity, usually tied inextricably together. But really, isn’t that life itself – the sensual and the morbid, sex and death and sacrifice and grief pressed against each other until all the lines blur?

This first mash-up, featuring the poems New Year’s Night and Mystery, merging sensual with sacrificial imagery, meshed so perfectly together that the result was almost startling.

And I guarantee that you will never hear “falcon” quite the same way again…

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