Audiobook Week 2012 – Mid-Week Meme

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Wednesday’s mid-week meme! 

Current/most recent audiobook:

Most recent was actually to one of mine, as I do a full listen before I submit it for publication: Hunting Julian, by Jacqueline Frank.

Most recent recreational listen was The Snowman, by Jo Nesbø, narrated by Robin Sachs.


I’ll skip mine and jump straight to The Snowman. Impressions? I’ll offer this as I experienced it intuitively when I listened:



Er, sex? Now?

Oh..oh that’s not good…

Dear god, that’s twisted…


…but twisted

Sweet Bob, this is well-written.

I shouldn’t like Harry, right? Damn, too late.

Thoroughly confused…but I like it.

Whoa…WHOA! Damn.

…and that was just about the story. Sachs’ narration is sheer brilliance in this one. His voice for Harry and the killer in particular, were just perfect. It’s a tricky business to voice a killer without giving away the identity before the author intends it without also cheating. Sachs does this perfectly, so that even when I finally guessed, it was not because of any reveal on his part, other than the author’s intent.

Current/most recent favorite audiobook:

My favorite recent listen has to be The Thirteenth Tale. I think I would have found it more tedious in print, but Amato’s pacing and voicing of the main character was so engaging and perfectly matched with the character’s personality that I simply couldn’t stop listening. Tanner’s narration was also good, although I think I was very biased by Amato’s initial voicing of Tanner’s character, which made it difficult to accept Tanner’s delivery once her sections began. But I got over my bias eventually 🙂

Favorite narrator you’ve discovered recently:

Two. Bianca Amato and Dan Stevens. I have yet to hear all of The Invisible Ones, but can.not.wait.

One title from your TBL (to be listened) stack, or your audio wishlist:

I’m so very picky about audiobooks (I really am – it’s a bit ridiculous, actually). But after being bludgeoned with good commentary on Wil Wheaton’s narration of Ready Player One, I succumb! I will put this on my TBL!

Your audio dream team (what book or author would you LOVE to see paired with a certain narrator, can already exist or not):

At the risk of sounding like a complete fangirl, I will offer this: I think either Robin Sachs alone or a dual narration between him and Bianca Amato of Lady Chatterley’s Lover would be pretty amazing.

And now, for those who are following along with our downward spiraling narrator trapped in that horrid room…

The Yellow Wallpaper, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman – Part 2 of 3

(and if you cannot see the player above, you can access it via the SoundCloud page for The Yellow Wallpaper). 

The Triple-threat Giveaway: 1 Audio + 1 Print Book + 1 Custom Piece

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If you’ve got a Twitter handle, please list it in your comment so I can more easily notify you.

Winner will be announced here, and via my and Going Public’s Twitter and Facebook feeds. Winner will have until 5PM PST on Saturday, 6/30 to make their print and audiobook selections (more time can be taken for the custom recorded piece :) ) Please be sure to check one of those sources after the close of the drawing.

**print ARCs to choose from:

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14 thoughts on “Audiobook Week 2012 – Mid-Week Meme

  1. theoddiophile

    Oh, that dream casting for Lady Chatterley’s Lover is truly inspired. I am now going to pull that one off my shelf and hold a little mental audition for that pairing with that book.

    • *evil grin* Thought that might be appreciated by some…I’m eyeing my copy over there on my bookshelf and am tempted to start doing the same thing..

  2. Can you believe that I still haven’t listened to Robin Sachs???

    • No. No I can’t. You will be remedying this soon, I hope? Then you will understand…

  3. The Thirteenth Tale has been on my wish list for way too long! I can’t wait to listen to Dan Stevens…

  4. I will be starting Ready Player One soon as well. Lots of recommendations this week. I read The Thirteenth Tale awhile ago, but I can see how it would be good on audio.

    • Me too! Course, my version of “soon” is likely not everyone else’s. It will have to wait until late August at this point, I’m afraid.

  5. I thought Robin Sachs was my personal discovery when I first heard him on The Last Werewolf. Now I find I was pretty much late to the party.

  6. Penny (lostime4me)

    II’m waiting on the Jacquelyn Frank ones that you are doing. I loved the others and can’t wait for those new ones. I hope it is more than one. Favorite new narrators? Oh, I just heard one and can’t think of her name. I’d have to look it up. I should have you go to my to-be-read list on Goodreads and get you to pick out my next book to listen to. You would know the best one.

    • Oh definitely share when you remember, Penny! As for me recommending…you know, I’ve gotten to listen to so few the past two years because of my production schedule that I would send you to some very fine bloggers who review audio. If you have a specific genre you really love, let me know and I’ll match you up with some who regularly review audio in those genres 🙂

  7. Favorite new (to me) narrator – Robert Petkoff

    Favorite recent listen, Julie James – Something About You – narrated by Karen White

    So which Robin Sachs book is for a died in the wool pansy? 😀

    • Ooo, some solid choices there! OK, so for Robin Sachs, I’ve actually recently worked up a list with him for exactly this type of moment. I’ll shoot you and email with thoughts once I have a few brain cells to rub together 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by, Brenda!

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