July 6, 2012

Still a *bit* hungover from our #JIAM Audiopalooza, but we’ve taken a few aspirin and pulled ourselves together to offer up dreams, with a side of loss & patriotism.


Real Dreams, by Matthew Glenn Ward
Read by Matthew Glenn Ward, shared by Diane Havens

Diane writes…

I “met” Australian author/publisher/artist Matt Ward some years back, and though he is not a pro voice actor, he nevertheless was one of our most dependable and enthusiastic volunteers during the Hearthebill project (nonpartisan effort recording the health care bills during the long, heated debate months before a law was passed). He’s a fabulous writer, and gifted digital artist/designer, whose book and magazine covers never fail to impress. I’ve been an occasional contributor to his wonderful literary magazine, SKIVE, most recently to the intriguing “Real Dreams” issue from which this recording is taken.
His blog, http://matthewglennward.blogspot.com/ Also, check out SKIVE at http://www.skivemagazine.com/ and Mary Celeste Presshttp://www.marycelestepress.com    MATTHEW WARD lives, writes & publishes in Newcastle, NSW Australia.


The Brambles, Part 1 of Little Birds, by Sarah Flynn (published by Little Fiction)
Read by Xe Sands

Published in 2012 by Little Fiction
Copyright 2012 by Sarah Flynn; recorded with permission
Layout and design of cover by Troy Palmer

Xe  writes…

Ever since happening upon Little Birds by Sarah Flynn via Little Fiction’s tweet stream and recording the second story in the collection, How the Light Gets In, the other two stories have been pecking away at me . This week, I’m having a go at the first story in the collection, The Brambles.

Again, I’ll say that Little Fiction and the authors publishing with them are offering some great pieces. Some are rough and raw, some are polished smooth, but all are worth your time.


(a real) DREAM Dreamed, by Diane Havens
Read by Diane Havens (with Rajiv Hasan as Rafa)

Diane writes…

I rarely remember my dreams, even more rarely dream about celebrities, and most of what I can recall of my dreams are very surreal, so it’s no wonder I remembered this one in such detail. I told this dream to my family (before breakfast, mind you, so ….) and it was around this time that SKIVE magazine, skivemagazine.com , compiled by author and publisher Matt Ward, was coming out with a real dreams issue. So it was fated to be included, or so that was my analysis. The analysis of the dream is easier — my son Ian plays tennis, we were watching Rafa play that day, I was thinking about my own career direction and future choices …. the pencils? Well, I was always fond of a good Dixon Ticonderoga No. 2.

When Matt suggested that we dreamers record our dreams to post as audio, I was hesitant, since the dream, being real and pretty much un-embellished by much dramatic license on my part, might not make compelling listening. So, I immediately thought of a collaboration, and since Rafael Nadal is not really a friend of mine, I thought of someone who is — and just happens to be a gifted voice actor, expert at linguistics and accents, and a master of impressions. Rajiv Hasan. He delivers the Rafa lines and that alone makes it worth the listen. (And twice the fun for me!)


Letters Across the Atlantic, a patriotic poetry mash-up
Read by Robin Sachs and Xe Sands

“Composed Upon Westminster Bridge,” by William Wordsworth
… and “The New Colossus,” by Emma Lazarus”

Xe  writes…

Just a little something extra from Robin Sachs and me, in celebration of our joint history, love of our countries, and respect for each other. Originally released on July 4, 2012.

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