Going Public…in Shorts – 6/1

Time has finally come to launch this amazing project, with the help of Johnny Heller, Robert Fass and Adam Boretz at Publishers Weekly’s PWxyz blog. They’ve cooked up something special over there, so be sure to check out Adam’s post later this morning.

Listening & Downloading 

Skip Tracer Bullets is offered in full for online listening through June 7th. You can also purchase a download of this story via Downpour, with proceeds going to Reach Out and Read.

Skip Tracer Bullets

Skip Tracer Bullets by Joe Archibald is one of a series of Willie Klump stories Archibald wrote for pulp detective magazines.  Klump is a down on the heels detective with bad luck and a knack for accidentally solving cases.  Not the brightest bulb in any given room, Klump’s antics make for wonderful reading.  In this story, our hero is out of money and depressed when he gets a case that leads him to some stolen diamonds and almost costs him his life!

JohnnyNewHeadShots_2011Jul01_2033Johnny Heller

Johnny Heller has won two Audie Awards out of the six times he’s been nominated which gives him an excellent .333 batting average. He won in 2005 and 2009 and didn’t win in 2008 or 2011 because he isn’t a movie star…but that’s not his fault.

Heller has narrated and won praise for nearly 400 titles in every genre except for the naughty ones like romance and erotica.  An  AudioFile magazine multiple Earphone Award Winner, a top voice of 2011, 2009 and 2008, a PW LIsten Up winner in 2012, 2010, 2009 and 2008 (maybe even more but who wants to google that stuff all day?) Heller was named one of the Top 50 Narrators of the 20th Century and stands a chance in the 21st if he can live a really long time.

He lives in Manhattan with the lovely Jo Anna Perrin and their dogs – Linus Van Pet and Tallulah Barkhead.

Listening & Downloading 
The Spectre Bridgroom is offered in full for online listening through June 7th. You can also purchase a download of this story via Downpour, with proceeds going to Reach Out and Read

The Spectre Bridegroom

Set in Germany, a superstitious Baron arranges a marriage for his daughter, a lovely and well-cared-for, though isolated young lady. The groom is on the way with a friend to meet his bride when robbers beset them. The Baron and his daughter wonder what can be taking the groom so long when they hear a knocking at the door.


FassWinner of the prestigious Audie Award for his recording of Empire of Liberty: A History of the Early Republic by Gordon S. Wood, veteran actor Robert Fass is equally at home in a wide variety of styles, genres, characters, and dialects. A 4-time Audie nominee with over 60 audiobooks to his credit, Robert has also earned multiple Earphones Awards, including for his narration of Francisco Goldman’s novel Say Her Name, named one of the Best Audiobooks of 2011 by AudioFile magazine. He has given voice to modern and classic fiction writers alike, including Ray Bradbury, Joyce Carol Oates, Isaac Asimov, Jeffrey Deaver, and John Steinbeck, plus nonfiction works in history, health, journalism, and business.



pw-logo1Adam Boretz is the audio reviews editor at Publishers Weekly. PWxyz is the news blog of Publishers Weekly. You can reach Adam via email at  aboretz@publishersweekly.com, or follow him on Twitter at @pwaudio

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