Going Public…in Shorts – 6/6

Jo Anna Perrin joins us today, offering A Society, by Virginia Woolf. Jo Anna also joins Susan at Audiobook DJ today, with a GIVEAWAY of The Mystery Box, so be sure to check it out!


A Society

A Society was included in Virginia Woolf’s first collection of short stories, Monday or Tuesday, written in 1921. It opens with a chatty, sardonic feminist look at gender roles in the guise of a group of young women, who during the course of a tea party, playfully decide that it is their duty to determine if men, as a species, have lived up to their part of society’s contractual bargain. That is, men write the books, create the art, wield the law, and in effect, are in charge of our intellectual growth, while the women take charge of preserving life and continuing to bear children. They decide to make a pact not to bear children until they can determine if man has been as industrious as woman.  The group creates a society to ask questions and seek answers, and as such, go out into the world cheerfully and often comically, reversing gender roles. The story takes a more serious tone when, having seen the fruits of the industriousness of men, and judging the dubious merit of intellect, all appears inconsequential when faced with the harsh reality of war and the loss of life.


Listening & Downloading 
A Society is offered in full for online listening through June 12th. You can also purchase a download of this story via Downpour, with proceeds going to Reach Out and Read.


Jo-AnnaSpringJo Anna Perrin is an accomplished actor, having performed in film and television as well as on stage in New York, Los Angeles, and regionally. Her diverse audiobook work includes fiction, memoir, sociology, religion and philosophy, as well as university and cultural releases in the U.S. and Europe. Those releases include clients such as London and Yale Universities, the Art Institute of Chicago, the University of Chicago, and the University of North Carolina. In addition to her work in audiobooks, Jo Anna has done commercial, documentary, and, film voice-overs.


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