Going Public…in Shorts – 6/26

Vanessa Hart joins us today, offering The Ice Palace, by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Vanessa also visits My Bookish Ways todayso be sure to check it out!


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The Ice Palace is offered in full for online listening through Juy 2nd. You can also purchase a download of this story via Downpour, with proceeds going to Reach Out and ReadThe full compilation will be available for download from Downpour on 6/30.

vanessa1The Ice Palace, by F. Scott Fitzgerald

“The Ice Palace” is a modernist short story written by F. Scott Fitzgerald and published in The Saturday Evening Post, 22 May 1920. It is one of eight short stories originally published in Fitzgerald’s first collection, Flappers and Philosophers (New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1920), and is also included in the collection Babylon Revisited and Other Stories (New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1960).The story is about Sally Carrol Happer, a young southern woman from the fictional city of Tarleton, Georgia, who is bored with her unchanging environment. Her local friends are dismayed to learn she is engaged to Harry Bellamy, a man from an unspecified northern town. She brushes off their concerns, alluding to her need for something more in her life, a need to see “things happen on a big scale.” Sally Carrol travels to the north, during the winter, to visit Harry’s home town and meet Harry’s family. The winter weather underscores her growing disillusion with the decision to move north, until her moment of epiphany in the town’s local “Ice Palace.” In the end, Sally Carrol returns home.  The “Ice Palace,” which chronicles the cultural conflict between a Southern woman and her Northern lover, is an example of one of Fitzgerald’s more serious and effective short pieces. As it often does, biography creeps into “The Ice Palace.” Engaged to a Southern belle (Zelda Sayre), Fitzgerald was interested in the cultural influence of the South. Indeed, the figure of the Southern belle would be sketched several times in Fitzgerald’s work, most famously as Daisy in The Great Gatsby (1925).

Vanessa Hart has narrated over 60 audiobooks. She has been a finalist for the esteemed Audie award and a winner of the Earphone award. Vanessa is classically trained in theatre and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.


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Today’s Blog Host: My Bookish Ways

Kristin is a mom of 3 whose superpower is useless movie trivia. The inmates run the asylum, but in moments of quiet, she reviews speculative fiction for her own review blog,My Bookish Ways, and contributes to a few other sites where she indulges her other love of crime fiction. She’s known for her massive library which has already taken over the house, and threatens the entire block. Eventually she will finish her English degree and begin raking in the big bucks, but until then, reviewing books makes her deliriously happy, as does boxed wine, Supernatural, and traveling the world as a secret agent. One of those things isn’t true.

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