Going Public…in Shorts – 6/30

Dion Graham closes out the project with a special performance of Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address. Dion also visits Jennifer at Literate Housewife todayso be sure to check it out!


Listening & Downloading 

Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address is offered in full for online listening through July 6th. You can also purchase a download of this story via Downpour, with proceeds going to Reach Out and ReadThe full compilation will be available for download from Downpour on 6/30.

Dion1Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address

Abraham Lincoln delivered his second inaugural address on March 4, 1865, during his second inauguration as President of the United States. At a time when victory over the secessionists in the American Civil War was within days and slavery was near an end, Lincoln did not speak of happiness, but of sadness. Some see this speech as a defense of his pragmatic approach to Reconstruction, in which he sought to avoid harsh treatment of the defeated South by reminding his listeners of how wrong both sides had been in imagining what lay before them when the war began four years earlier. Lincoln balanced that rejection of triumphalism, however, with recognition of the unmistakable evil of slavery, which he described in the most concrete terms possible. He could not know that John Wilkes Booth, David Herold, George Atzerodt, Lewis Paine, John Surratt and Edmund Spangler, some of the conspirators involved with his assassination, were present in the crowd at the inauguration. The address is inscribed, along with the Gettysburg Address, in the Lincoln Memorial.

Dion Graham, from HBO’s The Wire, also narrates The First 48 on A&E. A multiple Audie Award–winning and critically acclaimed actor and narrator, he has performed on Broadway, off Broadway, internationally, in films, and in several hit television series. His performances have been praised as thoughtful and compelling, vivid and full of life.


Today’s Blog Host: Literate Housewife

LitHousewife150btnJennifer began book blogging as a personal challenge to read 52 books in 2007. Literate Housewife grew out of her need to carve out a space for herself. She enjoys reading literary fiction, historical fiction, and contemporary fiction.

JenniferConnerOver the past three years, audiobooks have become an increasing important part of her reading life. They’ve encouraged her to expand her literary horizons. She co-founded the Armchair Audies to help celebrate the best in audiobooks.

She hopes that one day her two daughters will learn to love books and audiobook narrators as much as she does.

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