October 4, 2013

Holy Autumn, Batman! How can it POSSIBLY be October already? *sigh*

Well listeners, it IS already October, so let’s get on with it, shall we?

This week, we’ve got a timely piece from Karen Commins, a new bit from the dynamic due of Daigle & Havens, some new Little Fiction, and the continuing saga of Tom Jones – enjoy!


Voyager , by Michael Daigle

Read by Diane Havens

Diane writes…

A simply beautiful love poem by Michael Stephen Daigle.

“This is why.

We are.”


A Good Night, by Diana Davidson & Little Fiction

Read by Xe Sands

Xe writes…

Been wanting to record this one for weeks now, but had other things lined up before it. It’s the rare piece that is in second person – it’s such a personal, intimate medium, without quite the immediacy of first person. Davidson makes perfect use of it here, building suspense and suspicion within the construct of a normal night at your local bar.

And without giving anything away, the subject matter is perfectly timed considering ongoing public discussions about power and privilege, and how easy it is for those who have it to move on from the damage they inflict.

Published by Little Fiction, 2013 Copyright Diana Davidson, 2013Recorded by permission of author and publisher.


Dear Elected Official, by Lee Rasi

Read by Karen Commins

Karen writes…

Like millions of Americans, I have felt frustrated and angry this week because our federal government is partially shut down due to the inability of our Congress people to pass a budget.

I have ignored political issues in the past because I felt that I couldn’t change anything. However, I recently decided I would make it a point to inform my Senators and Representative of my views.

As I was adding comments to the Facebook page for Saxby Chambliss, one of my US Senators from Georgia, I found this letter from The American Taxpayer among the comments.

No matter how you voted or what you think about the current issue, we can all find common ground over the fact that taxpayers pay the salaries of those in Congress. Perhaps it’s time we taxpayers start looking for people who can get the job done.

“United we stand, divided we fall” — Aesop


Tom Jones – Book 6, Chapter 5, by Henry Fielding

Read by Mark Turetsky

Mark  writes…

Book 6 Chapter 5 of Tom Jones.

This is part of an ongoing project in which I will record and post one chapter per week of Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones over the course of four years.

Now the other shoe has dropped. Mrs. Western goes to Sophia to tell her the good news: Mr. Western has proposed her marriage to Blifil to Mr. Allworthy, and Allworthy has accepted. However, it quickly comes out that Mrs. Western misread Sophia, and the good news becomes bad. Sophia despises Blifil (she’s too polite to say it in quite so many words), and Mrs. Western is shocked to learn that Sophia is in love with a bastard. Mrs. Western makes a deal with Sophia: she will keep Sophia’s secret about her love for Jones, but only if Sophia pretends to love Blifil and marries him. So, you know, a pretty fair deal for all parties involved.

A quick note: at the beginning of this chapter, Sophia seems to be reading David Simple, by Sarah Fielding, Henry Fielding’s sister. It’s treated as something of a joke, so I won’t deal with the implications of Henry Fielding existing in the world of his own book.

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