December 6, 2013

After the debauchery of Thanksgiving there comes a solemnity. For some more than others…thanks given that then falls like ash from our mouths.  Many thanks to the contributors this week. And one repeat, in grief.

To a Young Girl at a Window, by Margaret Widdemer

Read by Diane Havens

Diane writes…

Bittersweet poem from Pulitzer Prize winning poet Margaret Widdemer, from her collection “The Old Road to Paradise”, 1919.


The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost

Read by Daniel Wallace


The Bustle in a House (again), by Emily Dickinson

Read by Xe Sands

Xe writes…

…for my family, for myself, upon my father’s death

There is no easy way to say this. In fact, there is simple no way TO say it, to type it…because I refuse to believe it is real.

My father died. Suddenly. There was one phone call (not to worry!). Then there was another phone call (I would give anything not to have to make this call!).

And then there was…nothing. And it is not real.

And yet, as Dickinson states in this poem, there is sweeping and all the other mundanity that must still happen in a house after a death. That no matter how profound a loss, no matter how untrue it is, the house still needs sweeping, dishes need doing, bills have to be paid, food eaten.

So I’ll repost this piece I did about a month back, before it was personal, as perhaps a sort of note of practical, firm comfort to myself as we go through this impossible thing.


Tom Jones – Book 6, Chapter 14, by Henry Fielding

Read by Mark Turetsky

Mark  writes…

Book 6 Chapter 14 of Tom Jones.

This is part of an ongoing project in which I will record and post one chapter per week of Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones over the course of four years.

The end of Book Six, and the story is really getting going. Squire Western and his sister spend the chapter arguing, and, almost entirely because of Squire Western’s spite, he agrees to allow his sister to take Sophia into his charge. So, all of the pieces are set, and the story of Tom Jones is finally ready to begin in earnest: Tom has been cast out, virtually penniless, Sophia has been pledged to Blifil, and Mrs. Western has taken Sophia into her custody. There are also several loose threads of story out there: Jenny Jones, Tom’s assumed mother is still out there somewhere, as is Mr. Partridge, Tom’s father (maybe!), not to mention Allworthy’s shattered trust in Tom and Young Blifil’s schemes.

So, after a year and a half or so of setup, it’s time to really get going with this story!

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