April 4, 2014

Spring has absolutely SPRUNG where we are! Here’s hoping that wherever this finds you, there is at least a touch of light shining for you.

For some time now, creative folks have been posting their pieces to our SoundCloud group, and while they appear in the group playlist on the Welcome page of this site, they don’t necessarily show up here. Well enough of THAT nonsense! We’ll be pulling them in good and proper as often as possible moving forward. Enjoy!


Let No One Thing Define You, by Diane Havens

Read by Diane Havens

Diane writes…

The most important advice I ever gave my son. Or anyone.
From my collection, WITHOUT MAKEUP.



Moornise, by D.H. Lawrence

…from Look! We Have Come Through! 

Read by Xe Sands

Xe writes…

You know, David Herbert and I have flirted with each other for 25 or so years now…I think it’s time for a full-blown, messy affair, wouldn’t you say?

Lawrence penned a collection of poems, LOOK! WE HAVE COME THROUGH! that includes several of my favorite pieces. And I thought, what better way to run this affair than through the fictional, torrid affair he describes in this poetic journey. So each week, we’ll do one or more of these, in order of their appearance in the collection.

Let us begin then, shall we?

Oh…I suppose a li’l bit of explanation of this collection would be best before we start in earnest, wouldn’t it?

Lawrence wrote Look! We Have Come Through! not as a series of separate pieces collected into a single volume, but as a threaded story, a journey of sorts. Here are his thoughts from the Foreword and The Argument, that preface the collection:

“THESE poems should not be considered separately, as so many single pieces. They are intended as an essential story, or history, or confession, unfolding one from the other in organic development, the whole revealing the intrinsic experience of a man during the crisis of manhood, when he marries and comes into himself. The period covered is, roughly, the sixth lustre of a man’s life.

After much struggling and loss in love and in the world of man, the protagonist throws in his lot with a woman who is already married. Together they go into another country, she perforce leaving her children behind. The conflict of love and hate goes on between the man and the woman, and between these two and the world around them, till it reaches some sort of conclusion, they transcend into some condition of blessedness…”

So, without further fussing, here is the first in the collection…Moonrise.




Faint Hunger, by Katie Metcalfe & Projectlono

Multimedia poetry piece by Katie Metcalfe & Projectlono





Ironic Poem About Prostitution, by George Orwell

Read by Jay Gould





Scar Tissue, by Phillip Laurence Carter


Phillip writes…
A short story about self harm




Hamlet…To Be Or Not To Be (Act 3, Scene 1), by William Shakespeare

Multimedia piece by Rabbi K. Poetry & Music





Tom Jones, Book VIII, Chapter 2, by Henry Fielding

Read by Mark Turetsky

Mark writes…

Book 8 Chapter 2 of Tom Jones.

This is part of an ongoing project in which I will record and post one chapter per week of Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones over the course of four years.

This chapter involves the innkeeper playing a game of flattery and cold reading in order to elicit a fat tip from Tom Jones. She tells him how great he is, how great Sophia is, and basically agrees to everything he says. Until, that is, Tom reveals that he has no money, at which point she leaves his room and tells him to ask someone else if he needs anything.

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