Name That Narrator – Round 1!

SUMMER SHORTS ’14 is almost here!

To launch this good and proper in a fun and not-so-proper way, we’re going to play a li’l game I like to call…


Listen to the clip of three excerpts from the upcoming Summer Shorts ’14 collection. Figure out who’s reading what. Need a  hint? Cross-reference with the 2014 project roster on the Spoken Freely page for legal cheating 🙂 Then use the COMMENT BOX below to shoot me your answer! Feel free to guess as many times as you want.



Contest is no CLOSED. Winner is Susie Sharp – congratulations, Susie!



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One thought on “Name That Narrator – Round 1!

  1. Congrats, Susie! Susie won our new SkyBook HONEYMOON IN HELL by Frederic Browne narrated by Golden Voice Stefan Rudnicki and Gabrielle de Cuir. Thanks, Susie, for your tear round support of audiobooks! Cyber hugs!

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