Name That Narrator Giveaway – Round 3


This rollercoaster of free audio is picking up speed!

Contest closes at 5PM PST, TOMORROW, Wednesday, 5/14. All correct answers will be thrown into a hat and I will pull out a name at random. Can only ship to those in the continental US – but everyone can guess 🙂

Winner will receive audio version of MASH, by Richard Hooker, narrated by Johnny Heller, courtesy of Johnny Heller.


To Play:

Listen to the clip of three excerpts from the upcoming Summer Shorts ’14 collection. Figure out who’s reading what.

Direct link if player doesn’t display:

Need a  hint? Cross-reference with the 2014 project roster on the Spoken Freely page, or the audio file below, for legal cheating 🙂 Then comment below. Comments will be not be published until the contest ends (to keep it fair for the early guessers). Guess as many times as you wish 🙂

Need a BIGGER hint? Try this on:

To  enter the secret CHAMBER, the DUKE had disguised himself as a BISHOP.

Here’s an audio key/cheat sheet to all the participating narrators (except Dufris):

Happy guessing!



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3 thoughts on “Name That Narrator Giveaway – Round 3

  1. Richard Chamberlin then Cris Dukehart making me cry w/ the Velveteen Rabbit, then Peter Bishop – you’re making it too easy (but still very fun!)

  2. 1) Mike Chamberlain 2) Cris Dukehart 3) Peter Bishop

  3. For Round Three:
    1. Mike Chamberlain
    2. Cris Dukehart
    3. Peter Bishop

    Thank you!

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