Name That Narrator Giveaway – Triple Jeopardy!


All the planning for the project launch ate up rounds 6 and 7 so…let’s RAMP THIS UP! Offering THREE audiobooks in today’s TRIPLE JEOPARDY round of NAME THAT NARRATOR!

Winner will receive audio copies of the following:

Contest closes at 5PM PST, TOMORROW, Wednesday, 5/21. All correct answers will be thrown into a hat and I will pull out a name at random. Can only ship to those in the continental US – but everyone can guess 🙂

To Play:

Listen to the clips of six (count ’em SIX!) excerpts from the upcoming Summer Shorts ’14 collection. Figure out who’s reading what in each file. Comment with your guess below. You can gamble that the commenter before you got it right, or you can play fair and guess yourself – just be quick because only the first 20 correct commenters qualify to win all THREE audiobooks!

Direct link if player doesn’t display.



Direct link if player doesn’t display.

Need a  hint? Cross-reference with the 2014 project roster on the Spoken Freely page, or the audio file below, for legal cheating 🙂 Then comment below. Comments will be not be published until the contest ends (to keep it fair for the early guessers). Guess as many times as you wish 🙂

Need a BIGGER hint? Try this on:

NEILL left the TURret with the Book of KELLs secreted in the DRUM he kept in his pack alonside his GIN, giving the guard a sMILE as he passed through the castle gate..

Here’s an audio key/cheat sheet to all the participating narrators (except Dufris):

Happy guessing!



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4 thoughts on “Name That Narrator Giveaway – Triple Jeopardy!

  1. Tammy

    Xe, I swear you give the best clues. Let’s just hope I got them correct and didn’t embarrass myself.

    Why I Don’t Believe in Santa Claus by Scott O’Neill
    Angelina Buglebrain by Mark Turetsky
    You Are Old, Father William by Katherine Kellgren
    Old, Short and Hot: 3 Brief Classic Love Poems by David Drummond
    Jasmine Comes Up by Rachel Fulginiti
    Selection of Sonnets by Robin Miles

  2. dakimel

    Scott O’Neill, Mark Turetsky, Katy Kellgren, David Drummond, Rachel Fulginti, Robin Miles

  3. Those are some mighty fine guesses 🙂

  4. ….and the winner is…MELANIE!

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