Summer Shorts ’14 – 6/3



Today we’re pleased to offer the first of several horror selections – a marvelous reading of The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe, courtesy of Hillary Huber. Be sure to check out her post over at Linus’s Blanket to boot!



Listening & Downloading 

The Tell-Tale Heart is offered in full for online listening today, 6/3 only. Full compilation available via Tantor Media – all proceeds benefit ProLiteracy.

The Tell-Tale Heart, by Edgar Allan Poe

“The Tell-Tale Heart” is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe first published in 1843. It is told by an unnamed narrator who endeavors to convince the reader of his sanity, while describing a murder he committed. (The victim was an old man with a filmy “vulture-eye”, as the narrator calls it.) The murder is carefully calculated, and the murderer hides the body by dismembering it and hiding it under the floorboards. Ultimately the narrator’s guilt manifests itself in the form of the sound—possibly hallucinatory—of the old man’s heart still beating under the floorboards.

Hillary Huber is a multiple Audie Finalist, Earphone Award winner and one of Audiofile’s Best Voices of 2010
and 2011, Hillary has recorded close to 200 titles. Audiofile magazine says, “Hillary Huber’s narration is lyrical enough to be set to music.” Hillary splits her time between Santa Monica and NY.


Nicole has been writing Linus’s Blanket, for the last  6 years. Her focus is books, of which you’ll see a ton of posts, but she also blogs about food, comfort and culture. She has an author interview series that runs on Thursdays, and she loves to do giveaways of books that she have enjoyed or am greatly anticipating. When she’s not reading, she loves to eat, sleep, travel and play board and trivia games on Sunday afternoons. She is a recovering bocce addict. Nicole can be reached via email at



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