Summer Shorts ’14 – 6/5



Robert Fass brings in the ominous and creepy with The Garden of Adompha, by Clark Ashton Smith, and a nifty interview with Bob Reiss over at The Guilded Earlobe. There is a temporary technical difficulty with the player over at The Guilded Earlobe, so cruise there for a HILARIOUS interview, then come on back here to listen to the story. Due to these tech issues, this story will be available for an extra day 🙂



Listening & Downloading 

The Garden of Adompha is offered in full for online listening today & tomorrow, 6/5 & 6/6 only. Full compilation available via Tantor Media – all proceeds benefit ProLiteracy.

The Garden of Adompha, by Clark Ashton Smith

On Zothique, the last continent of Earth, lies the wide orient isle of Sotar. There, King Adompha and his powerful court magician Dwerulas keep a mysterious, infernal garden – filled with dark and exotic secrets known only to them. Copyright is held by Casiana Literary Enterprises. Recorded with permission.


For those unfamiliar with Clark Ashton Smith, Barnes and Noble recently featured an essay on him that is worth checking out.


Robert Fass: winner of the prestigious Audie Award for his recording of Empire of Liberty: A History of the Early Republic by Gordon S. Wood, veteran actor Robert Fass is equally at home in a wide variety of styles, genres, characters, and dialects. A multiple Audie Award nominee with over eighty audiobooks to his credit, Robert has also earned multiple Earphones Awards, including for his narration of Francisco Goldman’s novel Say Her Name, which was named one of the Best Audiobooks of 2011 by AudioFile magazine. Robert has given voice to modern and classic fiction writers alike, including Ray Bradbury, Joyce Carol Oates, Isaac Asimov, Jeffrey Deaver, and John Steinbeck, plus nonfiction works in history, health, journalism, and business.




A blog dedicated to bringing reviews, news and stories on audiobooks. I used to read 3-4 books a week, mostly due to the fact that I worked the 11-7 shift, and used reading as a way to keep my mind focused and awake. Recently, though, due to a change in my work situation, my consumption of books dropped.

With that change came a change from reading to listening to books. Audio books opened a whole new frontier is entertainment. The right book with the right narrator can create a vivid and exciting literary experience.

As to what to expect… I mostly enjoy science fiction, fantasy and mysteries, so expect a lot of that. Contact me with recommendations or requests for reviews at Please note I typically listen to and review fiction books, particularly science fiction, horror, fantasy, suspense, thrillers and mysteries.


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