Summer Shorts ’14 – 6/6



Time for a bit of Shakespearean ranting from Luke Daniels who performs a monologue from Act 2, Scene 2 of Hamlet, hosted over at The Book Nympho., who also did up a great interview with Luke, which you can read HERE.


Listening & Downloading 

Act 2, Scene 2 from Hamlet is offered in full for online listening today 6/6 ONLY. Full compilation available via Tantor Media – all proceeds benefit ProLiteracy.

Monologues and Scene Selections from Hamlet

Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, struggles with the knowledge that his uncle killed his father, usurped his throne, then married his mother. Now the young prince has to decide what he’s going to do about it.

The scene selections for this anthology encompass; first, his internal struggle to avenge his father; a rallying cry to a group of actors on how to do their job, a confrontation with old friends who have been sent to manipulate him, and finally a chance encounter that probes his fear of death.



Luke Daniels has narrated over 250 audiobooks, been the grateful recipient of 13 Earphones awards, and 3 Audie nominations. His work ranges from Kerouac to Updike, Nora Roberts to Ed Mcbain, Dean Koontz to Phillip K. Dick. His background is in classical theatre and film. He has performed at repertory theaters around the country, but now he resides in the Midwest with his pack. @luckylukeekul




The main focus is BOOKS in the Urban Fantasy and Romance genres, including Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Suspense Romance and more. But don’t be surprise if you see another genres in the fictional world.
Jennifer’s Bio: When I’m not reading a book, I’m listening to one. I love Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and  I’m dipping my toe into other romance subgenres like Contemporary and M/M. Sometimes I get in the mood for more smutty reads so I also read erotic romance. While I’m not a big YA fan I will give them a try if they are paranormal. So far I’ve only read YA by authors I’ve already read that also writes adult books.

As to what to expect… I mostly enjoy science fiction, fantasy and mysteries, so expect a lot of that. Contact me with recommendations or requests for reviews at Please note I typically listen to and review fiction books, particularly science fiction, horror, fantasy, suspense, thrillers and mysteries.


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