Summer Shorts ’14 – 6/16



Today, Peter Bishop brings in classic SciFi with The Moth, by H.G. Wells, hosted in podcast format over at SFF Audio.


Listening & Downloading 

The Mothis offered in full for online listening today 6/16 ONLY. Full compilation available via Tantor Media – all proceeds benefit ProLiteracy.


If player below doesn’t play on your device/browser, cruise to the SoundCloud track by clicking HERE.



The Moth (or A Moth: Genus Novo), by H.G. Wells

First published in The Pall Mall Gazette in 1895, A Moth – Genus Novo (aka The Moth), tells the story of the academic rivalry and mutual disdain which creates enemies of two entomologists. Their disagreements are brought to an abrupt end by the untimely death of one of scientists. Suffering a disquieting emptiness caused by the loss of his nemesis, under doctor’s orders, the survivor takes a break in the country… only to find a new genus of moth, which may not be what it appears to be.



Peter Bishop

Peter Bishop is a New York based voice actor and narrator. A native of London, he relocated to the US in the late 90s. In addition to audiobooks, he has voiced TV documentaries & full-cast audio dramas, along with numerous corporate and commercial projects.







SFFaudio was created in 2003 by Scott Danielson and Jesse Willis. Our goal was to tell the world about the cool stuff we were listening to. Since then we’ve added a bunch more contributors, reviewers, and even an editor!

We think audio is the best medium for Science Fiction literature and drama. We’re not against the dead tree, cathode ray, and celluloid versions, we just know them to be the inferior medium for transmission of story, mood, and ideas.

Before the creation of printed books, stories were told by the Greek aoidos, the Celtic bards and other poets of the human voice. After the printing press allowed for greater numbers of “novels” to be written, the families and friends in all the households that could afford to buy them would gather together and spend their evenings reading books aloud to each other. In the late 1970s the audio cassette allowed for the creation of a new industry, a new medium, the audiobook. Over the last three decades new technologies, CDs, MP3-CDs, and especially the portable MP3 player have made the audiobook even more popular.

Audio drama, too, is our passion. It goes by many names: audio theatre, audio cinema, and of course “radio drama” – the name of the place where it got started. We love this stuff. And if you’re reading this, we bet you do too.


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