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Today, Jo Anna Perrin treats us to a lovely original story, The Girl in the Blue Feathered Hat…as well as a great interview over at Literate Housewife. Check it out!

Listening & Downloading 

The Girl in the Blue Feathered Hat is offered in full for online listening today 6/19 ONLY. Full compilation available via Tantor Media  for $9.99 through June- all proceeds benefit ProLiteracy.


If player below doesn’t play on your device/browser, cruise to the SoundCloud track by clicking HERE.



The Girl in the Blue Feathered Hat, by JP Perrin

As told by an unseen chronicler, The Girl in the Blue Feathered Hat is a wistful narrative about time, reflection, and memory. It speaks to the indistinct transitory nature of the passage of time, the involuntary character of memory, and the clarity and confusion of reflection from a great distance of both, to extract the bittersweet from the life we have lived. Copyright is held by Jo Anna Perrin. Recorded with permission.



Perrin_J_DJo Anna Perrin  (JP Perrin) is a NY based actor, photographer and writer. She has appeared in film and television, as well as on stage in New York, Los Angeles, and regionally.  Jo Anna has narrated numerous audio books for Major publishers, Small Independent press, and American and Foreign University publishers. Her voiceover experience includes commercial, documentary and ADR/film work. As a portrait photographer, her photos have appeared in magazines and newspapers, online and in print, including AudioFile Magazine, the Times, and the Wall Street Journal.

As a writer, her credits include published short stories and the creation of original TV programming for children and adults as well as interactive TV segments airing on Nickelodeon and HBO. Additionally, she is a freelance article writer, book reviewer, and script editor.







The next best thing to a good book is sharing and discussing it with others. Social media has created a wonderful platform for discussing books, authors, and narrators with people all over the world. Literate Housewife has been an active book blog since January 2007 as a means to carve out a piece of my life just for myself. It was the best New Year’s Resolution I’ve ever made. It might also be the only one I’ve kept up. Ha! My blog isn’t the only place I discuss books. I have a Facebook page and I maintain an active presence on Twitter as well (@lithousewife). My Twitter feed is where you’ll most often find my immediate reactions to books, authors, and narrators. It’s also my number one source for recommendations. There are so many wonderful books I’ve discovered by following some really incredible readers, publishers, and authors.

In addition to this blog, I am the co-founder of the Armchair Audies, an audiobook challenge for those who like to take an active roll in preparing for the APA’s Audie Awards. 2013 will be our second year and we now have a Facebook page as well. I am also a founding member of the Bloggers RecommendAdvisory Board.


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