Summer Shorts ’14 – Day 27!



Today, Dawn Harvey offers Jane Cawthorne’s Something as Big as a Mountain, with a joint interview over at My Books, My Life. Check it out!

Listening & Downloading 

Something as Big as a Mountain is offered in full for online listening today 6/27 ONLY. Full compilation available via Tantor Media  for $9.99 through June- all proceeds benefit ProLiteracy.


If player below doesn’t play on your device/browser, cruise to the SoundCloud track by clicking HERE.



Something as Big as a Mountain, by Jane Cawthorne

In Something As Big As A Mountain, the author describes her fledgling efforts at mountaineering while trying to understand her own motivation for undertaking a risky and physically demanding trip above the tree line. Copyright is held by Jane Cawthorne. Recorded with permission.


Jane Cawthorne’s work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, literary journals and academic journals. In 2011, she was a finalist for the Alberta Writers Guild, Howard O-Hagan Short Fiction Award for her story “Weight.” Her essay, “Something As Big As a Mountain” was first runner up in the PRISM International Creative Non Fiction Contest in 2012, and another essay, “The Cure for a Cancer Cliché” was shortlisted for the same contest in 2007. Her play, The Abortion Monologues, has been produced many times in the United States and Canada. Currently Jane is completing an MFA in Creative Writing in Boston in the Solstice Program at Pine Manor College and finishing a novel.




Dawn Harvey, a stage, film and voice actress as well as a singer, hails from Calgary, Alberta Canada. Dawn is a regular in the new crime drama series Bluff. Dawn began her voice acting career several years ago and began narrating audiobooks in 2011. In 2012, Dawn was thrilled to have been selected from dozens of auditions submitted to Audible Inc.’s competition to voice Helen Gurley Brown’s Sex and the Single Girl on the 50th anniversary of the writing of the book. Dawn has always been an avid reader (and talker) and is happy that she now gets paid to do both! Dawn is a single mother with three children aged 17-24 and three dogs aged 3-7. Dogs are easier.







I read a lot. Then I tell you what I think about what I read. Pretty simple.

I’ve been blogging about books in some form or another since 2007, though the blog changes as I do. For example, I read almost as many audiobooks as print books these days, so half of my reviews now include notes on the audio production.

By day, I am an employment lawyer living in Florida, but I will always be a Michigander at heart (Go Blue!). I have a new baby boy who I am hopelessly in love with and I will not apologize for interrupting the bookish posts to gush about my awesome little baby. You can see more about my roles as a readerdancerrunner, and mom on their respective pages. Other than that I love music, filling up my dvr with shows I have no time to watch, traveling, and daydreaming about everything I want to do around my house.

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