Continuing with our spotlight on Six Minute Story, the wonderful li’l site for jumpstarting your creativity with a 6-minute flash fiction/nonfiction writing challenge. Want to join in the fun? Cruise to Six Minute Story, write something, and shoot me (Xe) the link via email at voxology(at)xesands(dot)com. Easy-peasy. If you want to record it, even better! Upload it to SoundCloud and shoot me the link, and I’ll include it in next week’s post!

This week, we’ve got a piece from kayemnic in audio, and these gems in print:


Tree Nymph, by M.v. Freeman

Epistemophobia, by Galen Sanford

Dawdling, by Seeingmore

Finishing up with some original poetry from Wayne Gatfield.



The Border, by kayemnic & Six Minute Story

Read by Xe Sands

In a fit of pique, we cross it – that line, that border, into The Bad Place, a place of self-torment, but we think we’ve got control of the journey, that we can return anytime…we chose to cross, right? We can always find our way out of that hellhole because we always have before.

But sometimes, well…sometimes we suddenly can’t. The way gets muddled, as if the path has moved, or we’re walking in circles. And suddenly the so hated/desired Bad Place, the place we stormed off to in bitterness or sadness…or sometimes just drifted into passively…sometimes that place seems to become the ONLY place.

And when that happens, you have to ask yourself, ‘If I no longer had a choice about being here, would I still want to stay?’ If the answer is a resounding NO, you have no choice but to metaphorically pick yourself up, or drag yourself, or freaking crawl in a direction, until the border comes to you.

And it will. It always will.

Original story can be found here:
Recorded with permission of the author.


Wonderland, by Wayne Gatfield

Read by Wayne Gatfield

Two original poems of mine “Wonderland” and “Pearls” with music

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