Switching our timing up a bit this week…and shifting to a more permanent “squishy” schedule. Life being what it is, with its pesky tendency to waylay the best laid creative plans, Going Public will now publish on Friday/Sat/Sun. So if you don’t see it Friday, rest assured that by Sunday, it will happen.

On tap for this week: a newcomer, 3 bits of original poetry and of course, Tom Jones to see us out.


Dictum, by kayemnic

Read by Xe Sands


Xe writes…

Been thinking quite a bit lately about damage – how past damage  in our lives continues to effect us long after the inner bruises have faded into funny little stories we tell our friends when comparing notes on our dysfunctional lives. But those stories have roots, and sometimes, they continue to bear poison fruit. We think we’re clear of it. We think it’s in the past, that we’ve named and claimed it, disempowered it, trivialized it so we can fold it away. But sometimes…well, sometimes we realize we’re still baking with poison apples.

So this one goes out to all those who’ve got that kind of damage buried deep, and are trying to disentangle from those roots.

My thanks to kayemnic for once again allowing me to record one of her powerful pieces. Full text can be found HERE.




Love Is a Light, by Wayne Gatfield

Read by Wayne Gatfield

A poem of mine with music.




i was born, by Susan Marie

Read by Tendai Mwanaka

i feel like
a delicate human
born without skin

the sky
my breath
dirt my feet
roots, veins
trunks of trees
my arteries and veins

i was born

knowing that i
was meant
to feel everything

from the kiss
of a lover
his breath upon
my cheeks
winters breath
diving deep
into my lungs
strong hands
upon my hips
so gently
lying down deep
in green summer leaves
of grass

making love
to me
is God
the Great Creator
through my cries

and i exalt
on heavenly high
for my mouth
is but an instrument
and my cries
are the same
as pain
as life
and death
and love
and loss
and gain

you see
i feel

and i was born

is everything

© Susan Marie



Tom Jones Book X Ch 8, by Henry Fielding

Mark writes…

Book 10 Chapter 8 of Tom Jones.

This is part of an ongoing project in which I will record and post one chapter per week of Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones over the course of four years.

This chapter takes the story back, and immediately picks up from Book 7 Ch 9, which I’m sure you all remember from February. Anyway, it deals with the immediate fallout of Squire Western discovering that Sophia has run away, rather than be married to Blifil. As with most conversations between Western and his sister, it devolves into an argument.

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