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Autumn Movement, by Carl Sandburg
Read by Xe Sands

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Xe writes…

Not sure which way Sandburg intended this to go in the minds of readers. Could have gone several ways with it, but what felt truest is a recognition of that rending moment when we realize that no matter how beautiful, how significant a piece of the cycle is, how important, how life changing…it passes. It has to, that is the nature of a cycle, or forward movement, even during the season of dying and rest. And I find that I fight that, I fight that truth, fight to hang onto that which worked, which was gorgeous in the moment, so fearful that it will not come again…even while I watch new tendrils of beauty unfurl with the next turn of the wheel.


And here’s what I’ve found: I make rather idiotic choices when in the desperate throes of clinging, and immediately after those bits of the last cycle have passed. Have to remember that you cannot go back, cannot recreate a magical moment or success or connection. Ever see Groundhog Day? Well, if you keep trying to recreate some “beautiful thing,” you will end up getting slapped in the face by Andi McDowell…er, or something like that.



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