Sometimes, it seems that time is moving backwards. For example, I had almost thought we’d cleared November, and yet this week, am back to thinking we’re still just touching October. *sigh* And yet we’re rounding the second half of DECEMBER already. Denial: now in Minty Wintergreen flavor!


What Would You Fight For, by D.H. Lawrence

Read by Xe Sands

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Xe writes…

Rarely do a I feel the need to offer a disclaimer or apology for a poem’s content…but as my family when I mentioned the opening lines,seems an apology is warranted. This is not a particularly kind or nice poem…Lawrence is brutal, honest and selfish in the beginning -that’s the backdrop for it. He’s nothing if not unflinching in the face of societal norms…and saying aloud or even to oneself that you wouldn’t always fight for your wife or your children is pretty harsh – not something we naturally identify with.

But it’s that last part that gets me…and seems to be where so many I know find themselves struggling and wasting considerable energy. Fighting for our respective inner peace, being “OK” somewhere deep inside…from all reports, Lawrence never quite got there. I hope that all those struggling do get there, find that peace and no longer have to spend all our energy fighting for it, for it will simply BE.



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