I’ve been a delinquent, a layabout, a lout…I’ve rebelled against delivering on my promised…so it’s time for penance! And when I confessed to the Twitterverse that I had no poetry-writing skill, author Kevin Hearne came to the rescue with a tweeted, truly atrocious poem.

..and so BAD POETRY PENANCE (BBP for short) was born!

Anyone can join in – any time. This will be an occasional feature – whenever we’ve got a few to share. And folks can always share their recorded bad poetry over on the Going Public Facebook page – just post right to the wall, or in the comments on a BAD POETRY PENANCE post. Just be sure to put BAD POETRY PENANCE somewhere in the title of your post and audio file 🙂


BBP #3: All Abuzz, by Kevin Hearne

Read by Xe Sands




BBP #2: The Hemingway Frog, by Kevin Hearne

Read by Xe Sands





BBP #1: Ode to Phlegm, by Kevin Hearne

Read by Xe Sands

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