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Going Public is a celebration of work in the public domain or shared via Creative Commons licensing, recorded purely for the joy of reading something that truly resonates with the narrator and then sharing that joy with others. Pieces are offered gratis on a weekly basis, without compensation of any sort either to the narrator or author.

The pieces you’ll find here are as varied as the people who have chosen to read them – and that might be a professional narrator reading a childhood favorite, humorous historical letter, or work from an emerging author…or it might be an avid listener chiming in with poetry that inspires them, or microfiction they felt compelled to record. The content changes with the whim of the reader – always something new to discover!

And for our (almost) complete catalog of offerings, please visit our Going Public SoundCloud group page:


32 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Charles Moss JR

    Excellent idea. Excellent work.

  2. Charles my darling! So good to “see” you 🙂 And thanks so much, my friend. You could always join in you know…

  3. Bree

    Hello, Xe! This is a great idea and I already see a few gems I’d like to listen to. Thanks

    • Welcome, Bree! That’s wonderful 🙂 And if you like, cruise over to the Audiobook Week 2012 – My Audiobook Year post as I’m running a giveaway.

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  6. I finally found it , gr8 project btw

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  29. Thank you so much for including my SounCloud poetry in your post Xe!! This is great idea – there should be a lot more websites sharing good voices from SoundCloud. I shall give your website a link on The Writing Garden on the Writers Website page. Lovely to have discovered you and your wonderful voice Xe!! 🙂

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